At school; everyone's friendly after the play..

At school; everyone very friendly after the play.

Jerk? went well. The turn out was good and the cast was in top form. Many intervened and came up with their views and we are grateful to everyone who was present for helping us make it a success.

We are in the process of preparing a report on our findings and will share it as soon as it is complete. Also, optimistic plans are underway to do a few more performances to raise awareness of ADHD in the near future (fingers crossed). Pictures of the play will be up soon on flickr 🙂

Forum theater is one of Beyond Borders’ most eloquent modes of communication. If you’d like to do theater with us, well you’re in luck because we’re recruiting.

Our thanks go out to the following blogs which highlighted Jerk? before and after its screening; ASOB NQIM, The Abyss, The Ultimate Change, The Whackter’s Lair and to everyone who tweeted about it as well. Don’t think we missed anyone, but apologies if we did.


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  1. Well it was really really awesome that we received such a great response from the audience. I was definitely touched by the response a mother of an autistic child showed by volunteering at the forum.

    perhaps we need to show this to people who actually work with kids with learning disabilities, or a mixed group?!

  2. this was awesome, kudos to the production. * applause * Awaiting more 🙂

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